Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long ES

...in the form of HSU.to Also long the ES itself in at 1174.50. Probably see a bounce to 1191 and a possible flush through to 1163. After that, we should go north of 1250.

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  1. Jeff,
    I have been a long term follower of your analysis. However, the last 2 calls of long es and gold is something i didn't get at all. I don't want to undermine your efforts or knowledge because i am not competent enough to do so, but i am just trying to understand the basis for these two calls. I use over 15 different analysis studies and none, none state that we are going up from here. Hence, i was just curious as to what you are using that gives you an impression that these instruments are going to go up from here.
    Hope you can share. And thanks again for all your hard work and sharing your views with all of us.