Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long NQ at 1766 and the ES at 1044

Possible H&S formations here... low risk.
*edit* took some profits in the +5 point range... but, needless to say, stopped at evens on the rest.

My thinking

Looks like we are trading in a range lately. It seems uncertainty does indeed have a range... and 1130 to 1040 looks to be it.

If we go back to July 7 - a day in which the buying was extremely aggressive and a day in which we broke the downtrend of the prior couple of weeks - 1036 is very strong intraday support. I also see 1052 as intraday support too. Just not as strong. Also, 1052 was a good support level for the weeks following - see highlights - and it was the 50% retracement from 1002 to the 1128 high. So, there are a couple of reasons that put the probability in your favour for a long there. I was confident for a long there but took half out on a 5 point breakdown.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long ES

1088 - Through 1084 and I'm gone.
*edit* stopped

Short USD

for a trade.... 82.39.
*edit* added 82.80. Stop is a close about 83


Stopped on Longs - 1109.75 - sometime overnight.
Gap fill takes us to 1100 (Sept.). May look at 1097 today.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Added into the close on Friday

Looked like a chance for a gap up. I liked how we held the 1097 spot at the end of the day. This adjusts my price to 1090. Took some profits out up here in the teens. I still think we can launch at some point.
ya, I need to adjust that stop.